Accepting the Unexpected

Today, 7 years ago, I woke up with horrible back pain. At 26 weeks 4 days pregnant with twin girls, I remember thinking how difficult my third trimester was going to be if this is the amount of pain I’m going to have to endure.
At the time I was traveling to teach private lessons and knew I was going to have to slow down during my last trimester. I already was almost touching the steering wheel in my car.
I had it all planned out. I was going to travel one more week and then only teach at my house. I was literally putting my own self on bed rest for the safety and well-being of my girls.
On this day, May 21, 2011, I had to push all that back pain out of my mind and prepare to play a wedding. Thank goodness my best friend was playing the wedding with me, so I did have some help carrying all my equipment. As soon as she saw me, all she could say was, “Wow your belly has shifted to the right.” She was right. I looked very lopsided.
The wedding was about 45 minutes away from my house, and I had to walk up a hill to get to the wedding venue. By the time I sat down and started getting everything in order, I could barely tolerate the back pain. I just remember telling myself, “It will be ok. You can do this.”
I made it through the wedding, packed up and got into the car to drive home. Sharp, unimaginable pain was shooting out my lower back and up my body. I could not stop crying. It was the longest 45 minute drive EVER.
I got home, and I could not sit or lay. Standing was just as difficult but the best option of the three. I kept crying and telling my husband, “I do not know if I can do this for 3 more months if this is the amount of pain I’m gong to be in.” My stomach hurt yet I was in too much pain to even eat.
Finally around 11pm I attempted to go to bed. Shortly after falling asleep, I was woken up by this gushing feeling coming out of me.
I got out of bed, thinking “How did I pee myself? I just went to the bathroom not that long ago.” I ran into the bathroom and stood in the bathtub calling for my husband. I had no idea what was going on, but I knew something wasn’t right. It was like a waterfall coming out of me, and IT WAS NOT STOPPING.
After several times of calling for my husband, he finally decided to see what was wrong. He immediately called my mother. I could hear the fear in her voice while I explained what happened. She just kept saying “You need to go to the hospital NOW. I’m pretty sure your water just broke.”
My water just broke. How is this possible? This shouldn’t be happening. It’s too soon.
I put on a dress, grabbed a towel, and off we went to the emergency room. Thankfully we were only 15 minutes away.
It did not take long for the nurses to get me a wheel chair and take me up to the maternity ward. I remember the nurse asking me if this looked familiar. It did not. My child birthing classes were not starting for another 2 weeks.
They got me into a room and the doctor came in immediately. My contractions were 2 minutes apart. They gave me meds to stop the contractions in hopes that they would be able to keep me in the hospital and keep these babies in me for as long as they could.
Little did we know that the universe had other plans…………..

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