During this session, you will be able to discuss anything that is on your mind in a safe environment. I will work with you to heal from experiences that are holding you back from feeling inner joy and living your most authentic life. Each session is individualized to meet your needs. Sound Vibration, Reiki, Crystals and connecting with your Angels, Guides and Loved Ones may take place during your session. Confidence building, self-love, self-care, inner peace, accepting, receiving and speaking the truth are elements we will focus on to create Soul Movement.

Soul Movement, Sound Healing, Reiki and Crystal Energy healing are combined during this 90 minute session. During the first hour I will create a safe space for you to discuss anything that is on your mind and heart that is ready to release and heal. The final 30 minutes, I will use sound healing, Reiki and Crystals to clear and cleanse your chakras and remove any blockages that are ready to release. I will finish the session sending sound vibration and light energy into your body that will support your body in realigning, grounding, and feeling a sense of peace and calm.

The combination of sound vibration, Reiki, and crystals is a fantastic way to allow the body to relax and restore. Sessions take place in Molly’s sound therapy room or online. Schedule your appointment today and restore your mind, body, and spirit.

Dive deeper into using your voice in a powerful way.  This 1 Hour Session focuses on Vocal Toning, Singing, Breath work and Speaking with Confidence. I will teach you vocal techniques to relax and connect your vocal cords, clear out chakras, and move thru blockages. Reiki and Singing Bowls may be used during this session to clear. 

If you would like to contact Molly directly to schedule a session, please reach out at tuneinwithmolly@gmail.com or fill out the contact form.