Sound Therapy Session
w/Reiki Infusion

 The combination of sound vibration, Reiki, and crystals is a fantastic way to allow the body to relax and restore.  Sessions last 45 minutes to 1 hour and take place in Molly’s sound therapy room. Schedule your appointment today and restore your mind, body, and spirit.  

$65- 1 Hour


Soul Movement/
Soul Clearing

Are you ready to remove the blocks that are holding you back? Feeling like something is missing? Have their been situations in your life that require healing, so that you can live your best life? During this 60 minute session, you will be able to discuss anything that is on your mind in a safe environment. I will work with you to heal from experiences that are holding you back from feeling inner joy and living your most authentic life. Each session is individualized to meet your needs. Confidence building, self-love, self-care, inner peace, accepting, receiving and speaking the truth are essential​ to living your best life.

$75- 1 Hour


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