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I Am Enough

How do you let go of a relationship that you know is already gone, but you don’t want it to be?

The happy memories are just too painful to think about because they no longer exist.

Relationships evolve, but you need to grow together. The more you grow apart, the more challenging it is to even find the road the other person is traveling on.

So, is the love that you are feeling present love or is it the past you are so desperately trying to cling to?

Are you clinging to it because you feel as though you cannot do it alone, or are you hanging on because it feels so familiar? 

When does the time come to say “Enough is enough?”


I need myself to feel whole.

Another persons love is just extra support. You deserve someone to fully support you. To love you mind, body, and soul. Your heart will feel warm and fuzzy inside when you find this. That person will light up. They will be the additional log to your fire that makes you brighter. That is the miracle of love.

Yes, sometimes it gets messy. A solid relationship can clean it up just as quickly as they make the mess. That’s the beauty in interconnectedness.

Soul contracts have a time. Some are not forever. Sometimes the time comes to let them go and create a new one.

Protect yourself.

Dread and anxiety are not part of love. They are part of the end. Part of a time in your life to bring acceptance and forgiveness. There is not a right or wrong in these situations. Only a time for growth.

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