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Guide to Channeled Writing

Have you ever heard of a channeled message?

The process of channeling messages can be different for each person. I channel messages through journaling and speaking them into a recording device.

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Here is my process.

1. I close my eyes and take a few deep breaths.

2. As I am breathing, I begin to let my thoughts drift away. I start to focus on releasing any tension in my body and open my heart to receive.

3. I ask my Angels and Guides for guidance.

4. When I feel centered, I open my eyes and begin writing or recording.

If I’m looking for a specific answer to a question I will write the question down. If I’m not looking for anything specific, I allow myself to write freely.

Whatever words and thoughts come into my mind, I write down. I do not pay attention to punctuation or how legible my handwriting is.

I allow my thoughts to flow out onto a piece of paper.

When I’m finished, I read back what I wrote. Sometimes my handwriting looks completely different, and it takes me a minute to read the words. That’s ok.

The message is what is important. When I declutter my mind, it allows my Angels and Guides to give me much-needed guidance through the channeled message. I always receive such clarity.

I truly believe we all can go within, declutter our minds and connect with our Angels and Guides. They are here to guide us. Even when we feel alone, we are never alone.

The Universe has our back, and we have a spiritual team available to support us on our spiritual journey.

The beauty of a channeled message is that most channeled messages can resonate with people who are asking the same or similar questions.

Stay tuned as I will be blogging about my channeled messages.

May they resonate as deeply with you as they do with me.

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